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Yes, yes,

he very clearly is. So just who is driving the bus? Everyone knows it isn’t Joe Biden!

“Well, look, I thought his performance in Maui was so bad. He was so clearly out of it that, frankly, I think it’s frightening,” he said. “This is not about politics and scoring points. This is the commander-in-chief of the most powerful military in the world, and it’s clear that at least half the time, he’s just not there.”

“I mean, month by month, his cognitive collapse is more and more obvious the Associated Press just reported that 77% of all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, independents, 77% now believe that Biden is too old to run for reelection,” Biden continued. “I suspect by next summer, that number will be in the ’90s because once this starts, it’s just going to get steadily worse. He’s clearly in cognitive decline. He’s clear — in fact, makes me wonder who’s making the real decisions at the White House because, obviously, Joe Biden is not. He’s not capable of it.”

Mark my words: Biden will never get on a debate stage with Trump. I just don’t think it will ever happen. Oh sure, there will be a lot of excuses about how Biden won’t “dignify” Trump by debating him. But of course the truth is he can’t.

It’s like Leftists usually are. They often say, “I won’t argue with you and increase the conflict.” But the truth is they can’t logically defend themselves and they are just running away! They are cloaking themselves in the empty garb of politeness, but it is really just a covering for their intellectual weakness.

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