Yes, now Elon

is just screwing with the soi-disant leaders…

Evil Clown Political philosophy

I agree with

one pundit who said that people need to feel pain for voting for Biden. They need to learn from their mistakes, and unfortunately this is lesson number one. It is sad, but a lot of people (and many Democrats) simply won’t learn under any schoolmaster but pain. <sigh>

But the contrast is stark: You saw how things were under a conservative leader–and now you get to see how things are under a Lefty evil buffoon.

Any questions?

Even a one-celled organism will turn away from pain. I hope you are catching on, now. Let’s cut the crap and get back to doing reasonably well…


Well yeah.

Ya think maybe?

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Too old,

not mentally fit.” YUP! Quit blowing smoke, we ALL see it!

Of course, I’m not one of those raging idiots that voted for him…


I think it has

just started.

Again, let me sound the alarm about voter fraud. Democrats will engage in voter fraud. We know that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But still…

A nonpartisan handicapping service has the Republican Party gaining between 20 and 35 seats in the House chamber during the November midterm elections.

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block common-sense gun safety. They have the blood of children on their hands!

 Dems aren’t looking for solutions, they want wedge issues that they hope will keep them in power. Sick.

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Funny how

the comparison shakes out, eh?


The police are

getting exposed as cowards. Again. Yet again.

Look, I understand that it is a dangerous job. Then don’t take it. Go be a shoe salesman. And to prevent braver people from going in to save kids so as to hide YOUR cowardice? Disgraceful.

Walk toward the fire. And if you are not up to that, go do something else for a living. Be honest about what you are…


So, assuming Biden

will/can not run again (and I think that is an entirely reasonable assumption), who then?

There’s just no half-decent up-and-comer! The Democrat bench is totally empty. And it’s not like anyone goes from a practical unknown to President in two years!

So that leaves Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren. Wow, a lineup of total losers!

I strongly suspect that another name will float to the surface. But none will right now because Biden insists on maintaining the fantasy that he will run again. I mean, I understand that he doesn’t want to officially become a lame duck. But that means that valuable time for a challenger is going to waste.



That is NICE!

Based on Moseley’s victory here, no one in the Navy can be dismissed for refusing the jab. All they need do is call for a separation board and make this same case.