Epic fail

Yes, the explosion

that will happen if Kamala does not replace Joe will be epic!

But if Biden retires and the party doesn’t nominate Harris, all of the bad blood over the diversity promises of 2020 will explode. That will be especially true if the party nominates Gavin Newsom instead, who notably angered the black and female activists in the party by appointing Alex Padilla to fill out the rest of Harris’ term in the Senate rather than another black woman. This won’t be a Kennedy-Carter contest but an explosion of identity-politics grudges and fury, much more 1968 than 1980.

The only way to avoid that is to keep Biden on the ticket, and then win or lose, force Harris to compete for a truly open nomination cycle in 2028. That is why Democrats will prop up Biden for as long as it takes, even if they have to do a Weekend At Bernie’s campaign in 2024. Marcus is spot on, even if she’s too polite to call out the identity-politics dead end more explicitly.

The Democrats are in a tight spot: Joe is mentally failing fast. He won’t be able to gut it out for a lot longer. Yet Kamala is even less acceptable to most people than even Senile Joe!

Plus, there is simply no other potential Democrat candidate who even approaches electability. Democrats have long put ALL their money on racial identity politics, and unfortunately for them, that has become something of a snare, now.

Conspiracy Corruption Injustice

It’s worse than

you thought.

NYT: Weiss wanted to let Hunter off scot-free–until IRS whistleblowers fought back

Welcome to the world of politically corrupt prosecutions, Mr. Clark. Weiss was apparently happy to bury Hunter Biden’s crimes on behalf of Joe Biden as long as the machinations took place in the dark. Once the IRS whistleblowers shone a bright light on them, though, the roaches scurried for cover.

It’s really unbelievable: No equal protection under the law! THIS is the fruit of “Biden.”

You who voted for Biden, aren’t you ashamed? You should be!

Injustice Irrationality


I’m sure not.

The current anti-Trump mania has always served 2 purposes:

The first one is that it vents the Democrats’ spittle-lipped anger against Trump. It is aimed at interfering with the election and preventing Trump from again gaining the Presidency. Yes, it’s TOTALLY irrational and TOTALLY evil. It is blind hatred borne of existential threat.

But there is a second reason, and that is to take the legal and electoral heat off the Biden crime family. So each time something really bad about Biden comes out, they indict Trump yet again. The pattern is far too prominent to ignore…

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich revealed on Thursday that a reliable source told him that a request was made from Washington, D.C., to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis that she had to bring charges against former President Donald Trump because they needed a distraction from the “screw up” with recently appointed Special Counsel David Weiss.

… This even raises the question as to whether Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Trump was ordered by Washington for similar reasons. On the same day that Trump was indicted in April, Kathy Chung, a former aide to Biden, testified before the House Oversight Committee, contradicting the White House’s account of Biden’s handling of classified documents. Chung testified that the documents Biden kept were not stored in a secured closet at the Penn Biden Center.

But it’s pretty dang clear to all but the dullest and/or hackish among us that this is what is happening!

A Butt-Kicking Lefty Political Strategy

Yeah, that’s

pretty much how you know that you’ve won an argument with a Leftist. Of course, if they really think they can’t buffalo you, they just won’t argue at all!

Deception Despotism

I gotta admit,

I have never understood the Left’s strange, almost phobia-like irrational fear of nuclear power. Indeed, I don’t now how you can, with a straight face, call yourself an environmentalist while fighting against modern safe nuclear power and wanting instead to fill up landfills with toxic used-up solar panel and un-recyclable windmill blades and used-up toxic batteries (none of which work very well). And that is after both avian-frying solar panels and bird-chopper windmills have wreaked havoc on bird populations!

Honestly it does’t make a lick of sense. Except…

Except if maybe this is ALL just a front, and it actually is is merely a cynical gambit for power and dominion. OK, now that makes sense!

It’s just hard to shake the nagging feeling that for the Left this is NOT about environmentalism at all! Not one bit. In fact, it is just a despotic power grab wrapped in the “smiley face” robes of environmentalism. THAT sure makes a lot more sense!

Change Culture

I told you.

We are seeing a cultural shift. Country music is leading the charge because their customers tend to be more amenable to these messages. They have taken the ground that “Punkers” once held.

But Leftists would be wise, indeed to pay attention to these cultural changes!

Because this won’t end here: It started with “Try That In A Small Town,” moved to “Rich Men North of Richmond.” And then this. And as I have said, it isn’t over–not by a long shot.

I mean, do you think that country music artists, having seen what voicing protest to brutal Lefty dominion does, won’t do a lot more of it? And do you think that will not spark now-silent other people?This is just starting.

Economy Epic fail

Well, it most

certainly WOULD be!

The truth is unavoidable: Democrat Presidents/policies always create a sucky economy. Always.

Oh, I can hear the Lefty mindless toadies stammer, “B-b-but Bill Clinton!

Look carefully: Bill Clinton deliberately aped conservative ideas. You know, “The era of big government is over.” Stuff like that.

Plus, Bush I and then Clinton had not yet been able to totally destroy the Reagan economic boom. But indeed they would make great headway in that. Bush II was poor in terms of the economy, but it still kept going at a reasonable rate. He was the classic, “Good enough not to collapse the whole dang thing.”

Plus, there was just a HUGE national sigh of relief that Gore and Kerry were not elected. Of course, Obama strangled the economy and then danced on its grave.

And now “Biden” is making things exponentially worse…

But back to the main issue: Leftist policies are manifestly terrible for the economy. The evidence is just overwhelming. I mean, look at Trump vs Biden. The contrast simply could not be greater.

You need to vote with your brain, not your spleen.

Dementia Joe

Well, I don’t

think Joe Biden WAS senile back then. Evil and rather a stupid man, yes. But back then not really senile except in the most prodromal of ways.

I think that this email stuff was set up years ago, and Joe was able to follow the routine. Even as he mentally declined, he was able to follow the routine that had been set in place–and he VERY likely had “handlers” to help him.

But he IS senile now. The illness has progressed greatly. Just look at video of Biden from, say, 8 years ago and compare it to how he is now. From his face alone you can easily see how far things have progressed!

Let’s just say that you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing…


You know, the

level of corruption is pretty dang amazing!


In dealing with

the Left, NEVER bend the knee! Sure, you can apologize, but they will just beat you over the head with it and castrate you! Just don’t do it.

Say what is right and true, and then never walk it back an inch! Just stand tall for the right. Remember, they are out to destroy you and will do so without hesitation or remorse. You being “polite” and “amiable” is just an opening for them to destroy you!