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We normies

have just had enough!


Ya gotta hope

the long night of the Lefty Orc will soon be over. Fingers crossed…

Disgusting! Evil Immorality

I’ve not been

asked to either forgive or forget. And I don’t. The evil-doers coming hat-in-hand is one thing, but most of these folks haven’t taken the FIRST step in change–admitting. They are NOT repentant at all. Sorry, that’s not how forgiveness works. That’s not how any of this works!

This whole crap-tastic thing was a casualty of an immoral, dogmatic irrational, and MSM-driven lust to get rid of “Orange Man Bad” and nothing more.

The longer urban schools stayed closed the worse their fourth-graders are doing in math, concludes an analysis of National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP) data by The 74, writes Asher Lehrer-Small. Looking at districts, rather than states, showed the link.

…Her research finds school closures led to “severe negative academic impacts, especially for younger students and those living in poverty.”

Kids were never a vector in the first place! And we knew that. DAMMIT, WE KNEW THAT!

There’s little evidence that keeping schools closed saved lives, writes Thompson. “Schools remained open in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy in late 2020 and early 2021,” because policy makers relied on “reports that schoolchildren did not play a major role in community transmission.” In addition, “evidence from Ireland, Singapore, Norway, Israel, South Korea, and North Carolina” showed that “young children were less likely than adults to get severely sick from COVID.”

This was just evil. Apologize, Pandemic Porn Pimps!

But they won’t. These people are virtually always characterologically incapable of admitting fault and saying they’re sorry.

Maybe you think it was just an “honest mistake.” Then how do you explain the fact that I was right and you were wrong? MANY others were, too.YOU had the same information as I did!

It wasn’t an honest mistake. It was at least willful and dogma-driven negligence. Most “Pandemic Karens” were more snookered than malicious. But, they WERE easily duped by any charlatan who spoke to their political preferences and prejudices. There was always at least a whiff of the malicious, there.

Am I angry about it? Yes, yes I am.

If there is an ounce of justice in the world, Democrats get utterly clobbered next week…

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Oh, you

don’t say!

Evil Clown

What, are you

EVIL, or just paste-eatingly stupid?

Current Events Elections

Oh yes, they

SHOULD be worried. Very worried. And undecideds tend to break for the challenger…

But never fear, Democrats–voter fraud may well pull your sorry butts out of the fire.

That was bad but probably not as concerning as the latest news brought to us by Politico. A Democratic super PAC is now spending to defend an upstate Democrat in a district that went for Joe Biden by 20 points in 2020. Just savor this like a fine wine.

Bad Faith

We need to forgive

and forget, right?

We won’t easily forgive them for what they deliberately did to us. And we won’t quickly forget what they did to our children!

See, there IS no forgiveness without actual repentance! Many of us are indeed perfectly willing to forgive a penitent person, but not many of us are into the cheap grace of unilateral forgiveness in the face of a brazen and unrepentant scofflaw! That’s not what repentance means–that is just mockery and exploitation.

No one is fooled by a convenient, death-bed repentance. If you think there is forgiveness without real repentance, you understand neither forgiveness nor repentance! You are just using these concepts as a tactical maneuver…

Bad Faith Evil

I think I know what

most likely happened: Paul Pelosi was having a gay threesome when one of the participants got violent. Police came and saw the fight, the other threesome participant letting them in. The Pelosi folks were in their underwear.

THAT is the best guess as to what happened. But of course, the Leftist MSM knows that the truth would hurt Democrats (as it so often does), so they are desperately trying to cover it up–at least until after the mid-terms!


Yeah, but such

laws never do!

Gun control theory has to be the most inane and stupid issue in modern politics. We are ALL dumber for having heard people bleat out gun control nonsense (to turn a phrase). How normal IQ people get all wrapped up in promoting this policy is an offense to logic and good sense!

Current Events

For the Democrats,

it is slip-sliding away!