Bad Faith Despicable Despotism

Oh, you don’t


Does Kinzinger know what he just said? He just called these guys federal officers. Does Adam know something the rest of us don’t? Did he just say something he shouldn’t have said? Is the former Jan. 6 Committee member saying federal officers embed themselves in groups? Can we say “whoopsies” in a big way?

… What should trouble Kinzinger — if he cared about the truth — would be: why would federal officers pretend to be white nationalists, marching around and trying to manipulate what people are thinking? Why would they be crashing rallies of people who don’t think like them, and why would they be trying to make other people look bad? But notice Kinzinger is not asking about that part. That doesn’t disturb him. It’s just all about how what he can do to attack people on the right.

To those on the Right: Beware of Fed infiltration!

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