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people are concerned. DUH!

A growing number of voters are increasingly anxious about President Joe Biden’s fitness to serve as commander in chief as he seeks a second term, a new poll shows.

More than two-thirds of registered voters — 68% — said they have moderate to major concerns about Biden “not having the necessary mental and physical health” to be president, according to the latest national survey conducted for NBC News. That marks a 17-point increase from when voters were asked the question in October 2020.

I think that most reasonable people think, rightly) that Joe Biden is fundamentally impaired and incapable of actually leading the country. Even the Democrat dead-enders know that in their heart of hearts–though they are careful to not admit that out loud!

But wait! There’s more!

See, it’s not merely his senility and obvious incapacity. It’s also that “Biden” (we are legion) endorses and implements policies that are terrible for the country! And everyone knows that…

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