Change Human Misery

Let’s be clear:

Political philosophy is always inextricably tied to quality of life. And crappy political philosophy ALWAYS leads to human misery. Always.

OK, so NOW what do the residents do?

The only way to attract residents, especially wealthy residents, is to create a safe and clean city with good schools, low taxes, affordable housing, and a healthy business climate. Well, as we all know, everything on that list directly contradicts what today’s Democrat party stands for. Urban Democrats invite crime and criminals by defanging local police. Drug addicts are allowed to sleep and poop on the streets. Taxes are always going up. Housing never goes up. Instead of quality of life issues, Democrats focus on “equity,” which means high crime, and the environment, which means no new housing.

Like many things in life, I have to take the first step. I have to admit that life has nose-dived–that it is now uncontrollable and needs to change. I need to “hit bottom.”

Until that happens and the first step is taken, no change at all can happen. In other words, I need a little humility. And Democrats are usually totally opposed to that, for obvious reasons. Hence, an unwillingness to even discuss issues, let alone debate.

Because if I am wrong about THIS thing, what else might I be wrong about? Wow, really ego-dystonic for Lefties! It is a characterological issue.

But almost all Lefties refuse to take that first step and admit that there is a problem at all. And they get angry and defensive (and usually won’t again talk to you) if you tell them they do.

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