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Yes, the Democrat

conflict is coming. I honestly don’t see how a Democrat Civil War is avoidable. Harris is the named heir apparent, yet she is amazingly incompetent and unlikeable.

“Not Trump” is not a platform, and it will soon be of no use at all. Sure, any Republican candidate will provoke Lefties to shriek that the R candidate is “worse than Hitler.”

Yet to pull the rug out from under Kamala’s feet would alienate (perhaps permanently) an important swatch of reliable Democrat voters.

But what must rankle Harris the most and speaks to how badly she must be viewed in Democratic power corridors is the utter lack of interest in her replacing Biden on the ticket. Joe Biden’s numbers are bad, very bad. His approval has been under water for the past two years. He is running behind Trump on multiple ballot test polls — despite Trump’s myriad problems. The double-minority woman Harris replacing Biden should be the talk of the town. But it isn’t.