Current Events

In some ways,

we’ve seen this movie before.

What, I mean, do they think of a situation in which one political candidate is targeted by the opposing political party—which party, it may almost go without saying, totally controls the coercive instruments of state power?  I believe most people don’t like it.  They don’t like it because it reeks of basic unfairness and totalitarian overreach. [emphasis added]

… Prosecutors in New York and Washington can rely on biased judges and juries. But I suspect that even if Trump is convicted of something in one or both places, he will win on appeal. The cases against him long ago took on the slightly comical aspect of a vendetta.

… And it is just this, as Schoen points out, that should worry Democrats.  “What should alarm Democrats is that Carter, like President Biden now, was extremely unpopular, while Reagan, like Donald Trump, was considered almost unelectable.” Indeed, remember what the issues were.  Back then, “inflation was a thorn in Carter’s side, much as it has dogged Biden since the first year of his term. Not for nothing, 2022’s inflationary surge hit the highest levels since … Jimmy Carter was in office.”

But there’s more! Carter faced an energy crisis that was substantially of his own making. Now, Biden also faces energy price problems, and they are also almost entirely due to his crappy policies and general incompetence. And that much is plain to even the dullest among us.

Carter showed really bad judgment in giving away the Panama Canal. And now Biden has shown abysmally poor judgment in not only refusing to secure our southern border but to actually encourage illegal immigrants to overrun our border en masse–to the point of a showdown between Texas officials and Federal immigration scabs police!