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I just don’t think

that Biden can go any lower. Oh I would certainly love to see it (and I could be wrong), but I suspect it is just not mathematically possible. I think that we have already hit the “Democrat dead-enders” natural barrier, and without some world event intervening, he can’t go much lower. Mathematically speaking, there is just not enough variance left for it to move much anymore.

According to a new ABC poll, just 33 percent approve of Biden generally and the numbers are even lower for the economy at only 31 percent. Jon Karl said that was historically low for Biden and low for an incumbent. 

I mean, we will see what happens, but I think this is rock-bottom for senile old Joe. About a third of people would vote for him if he were a rotting pumpkin, and we are about there now.

And it’s January. So let’s not be too hasty to say what it will be like in November, but barring a miracle (or massive voter fraud), it doesn’t look very god for Biden.

You may not like Donald Trump, but reality demands that you acknowledge that things were better under him. MUCH better!