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Here is the

Democrats’ evil plan: Boost Nikki Haley. Mimic “Miss Piggy” Cheney in Montana and get Democrats to vote for her in the open Republican primary. And that is faaaar from the only thing Nikki haley has in common with Miss Piggy Cheney…

Nikki is, to put it baldly, a Democrat. Yes, she masquerades as a Republican, but I’m not sure she is conservative enough to even be considered a RINO.

SO, the Democrat honcho plan is to get everyone but Trump and Haley to drop out. Haley won’t, because she is being fed scads of money by the Left (THAT is a matter of record). Then the last real Republican challenger retires from the race (not Nikki though, because she is not really a Republican).

At that point the Left finally succeeds in throwing Trump in jail–or at least off the ballot. So Nikki is the default candidate–the only one left standing. Who cares about the General Election, since both she and Biden are Democrats!

Devilishly clever. Infernal, really.

NH, don’t fall for it! If you are such an MSM victim that you can’t vote for Trump, vote for DeSantis. Because a vote for Nikki Haley is a vote for Trump hatred and for Biden…