Bad Faith Corruption Injustice

Honestly, does anyone

even care what Nikki Haley says? She’s chronically on the wrong side of virtually everything.

E. Jean Carroll spun a total bull-crap yarn against a guy she hates, files suit where the accused cannot get a fair trial, and has a judge who was her attorney’s “mentor.” Then the story is eerily similar to a TV show that Carroll has said that she watched. Quelle coincidence!

It’s also been pointed out that Carroll’s accusations are suspiciously similar to a plot from a television show. Literally. Carroll’s claims allege the same crime at the same store, in the same location in the store.

So Donald Trump raped her in a public place–a busy department store–just like on the TV show, and no one even noticed. Riiiiight.

Total. Bull. The judge was compromised. Any blamed fool would have laughed this case out of court! I don’t think it could be any more clear that this was a kangaroo court and the judge was the evil clown presiding over it!