Lefty Political Strategy

You know, it’s

really been quite clear for some time that the strategy of the Democrats is to jail Donald Trump. There really is no question about it, is there?

Look, it’s pretty dang obvious to even the dullest among us that they won’t win against Trump. Joe Biden is a frail and senile old man. Kamala is an incompetent nightmare whose cackling is an auditory assault on ALL Americans. Democrat policies have quickly and directly led to the misery of millions.

American servicemen and women are DEAD because of Biden and his evil Keystone Kops crew. Inflation batters us all. Lefty states are a steaming pile. The economy is rubbish–and we ALL know it despite lying recent repots. Foreign interactions are a horrible mess. The southern border is a horrible heap of immoral misery. Jewish people are almost constantly under attack.

So why would anyone vote for “Biden?”