Illegal Immigration Malice

People are getting

torqued about the Biden open border crap. I’d like to ascribe this to mere incompetence, but I don’t think so. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it is actual malice.

Illegal Immigration

Well, that

is pretty good news.

The truth is that is doesn’t matter what Abbott does to secure the Texas border, critics will complain. Those who want open borders do not want any deterrents used. It upsets the status quo ushered in by the Biden administration. The Biden border crisis is cruel. It is a humanitarian crisis and it empowers drug cartels and human traffickers. Joe Biden does not care.

Despicable Illegal Immigration

Hmmm… So

what do you make of THIS?

Wow! Just wow. THIS is the kind of stuff people start shooting over…

Illegal Immigration

Everyone should

do his or her part.

Illegal Immigration

Yes, that is

undoubtedly true.

This is a classic case of a government official NOT going along with the will of the people.

Does he really not know how this all works?

Biden-Induced Human Misery Illegal Immigration

We’re DONE,

OK? We’re done.

Democrats, don’t screw around with this–you really won’t like the results!

Illegal Immigration

Behold what

the Biden scabs are doing.

“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

Illegal Immigration Lawlessness


This is a nightmare!

Way to go Biden voters, waaaay to go…

Thirteen states have moved for emergency relief from the Biden regime’s plan to release potentially thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States daily due to overcrowding in migrant holding facilities.

… “As Attorney General, I will enforce the laws as written, which includes ensuring that the Biden Administration cannot create unlawful immigration programs without the express permission of Congress,” said Attorney General Bailey. “President Biden’s immigration policy is so egregious that we can’t even finish one lawsuit before needing to amend it to address something else. The Constitution is clear: the President is tasked with securing our border. I am working to force President Biden to do so.”

Bad Faith Illegal Immigration

Well, can

you blame them?

(h/t Powerlineblog)

Illegal Immigration Treason

Thank Heaven

that some states are taking action! Heaven knows that “Biden” has violated his oath of office and won’t protect the country!

Donald Trump warned about a day of infamy. Even the Biden administration braced for chaos at the southern border and warned the nation to expect the worst for a while. Our own Julio Rosas is at the border right now, documenting the mess. Title 42 has expired, allowing quicker deportations based on public health. It’s viewed as anathema by the Left due to it being a Trump-based initiative.

It’s maddening!