Lefty Political Philosophy

And you know,

that’s pretty much what Democrats do. There are very few of us on the Right who haven’t almost exclusively had Lefties run away with an insult as a Parthian shot.

It’s pretty much how Lefties work. They will never engage in a logical debate. And THAT is because they are so dang intellectually weak. So they are left with running away, screaming an insult as they turn and run away…

We’ve even seen that here! And here’s why:

Biden’s approval rating is at 40.9 percent, according to the RealClear aggregate, although a Quinnipiac poll has him as low as 35 percent and a CNBC poll has him at 38 percent. A February NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll reported that 56 percent of Americans thought Biden’s first year in office was a failure, and the month before a mere 25 percent were “satisfied” with his administration.

They run screaming like a 10-year-old girl who saw a spider. Naturally.

Lefty Political Philosophy

Yeah, pretty


Lefty Political Philosophy

Careful, Democrats,

you are losing Latinos…

Lefty Political Philosophy

It’s true:

The Left is intellectually dead.

FAR from engaging in the “marketplace of ideas,” the Left now is ONLY in the marketplace of avoidance (for them) and shut up (for anyone who questions Lefty orthodoxy).”

Where is “Crossfire?” Oh yeah, the side of the Left refuses (as is their new, iron policy) to engage at all!

THIS is who the Left is!

Lefty Political Philosophy

See, here is

the issue: With Trump you got the truth. Maybe you really couldn’t tolerate he truth, but he told it to you.

But you didn’t like the hard reality, so you voted for a guy that would, like a hooker from Cambodia, say, “Me love you loooong time!

Well, guess what?

That Cambodian hooker wheeze sure didn’t wear very well, now did it?

And we are ALL paying for your avoidance and poor judgment!

Lefty Political Philosophy


Whoda thunk?

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think CA is at any risk of going Republican within my lifetime. There are FAR too many stupid people there for that to happen.

But these unthinking Leftists are still hollering about being squeezed…

A whopping 72% of California adults think they pay more taxes than they should, the new survey finds. 

… It’s no coincidence that California is bleeding population while low-tax states like Florida are booming. You can’t tax your way to economic prosperity—and things are getting so bad in California that even staunch liberal voters are starting to realize it. 

Lefty Political Philosophy

The concept

of God is and always has been anathema to the committed Left.


They desperately don’t want us to have a singular authority. The moral relativism that leftists deal in thrives on a lack of absolutes. God is a most definitely inconvenient notion for those who would rather that society be buffeted about by the whims of the day.

Understand, a belief in God is ultimately at odds with Leftism. For the religious, God is the ultimate authority, eclipsing the state. For Leftism, the ONLY authority is the state! And it simply can’t abide competition.

Oh sure, one can paper over the mis-matches, superficially being both a believer and a Leftist, but an in-depth examination reveals that the two are ultimately incompatible. And even THAT papering-over is getting less and less intellectually defensible these days. Let’s just say that “Neither can live while the other survives.”

Yes, over the past 30 years it has gotten more and more difficult to reconcile Leftism and religiosity. In order to do it now one has to strategically turn a blind eye to certain things.

For the believer, there has to be a certain amount of dishonesty now in order to be BOTH religious and a Leftist, and that just wasn’t the case 30 years ago. But it is now.

But the trickle that was easily straddled 30 years ago is now a ditch, and it is rather awkward (and sometimes not possible) to keep one foot on each side. It will soon be a canal, then a raging river, then an ocean. YOU are going to have to jump to one side or the other. THAT is how things have worked throughout history, and we are seeing that same division of the people right now.

Lefty Political Philosophy


of a Lefty:

Lefty Political Philosophy

You know,

I like this.

Is Zogby always a huge apologist for the Left? Absolutely. Yes, he always puts things in the best light possible for the Left. But being published, he also has to be a bit realistic, or he will lose ALL credibility. He can’t just spout utter nonsense when millions potentially see it and can rebut him.

And unlike most Leftists today he is willing to debate–he is willing to press his point rather than just retreat, whimpering, into the warm and moist Lefty fever swamps. And THAT makes him very much “old-school.” It means that he is willing to stay in the arena and argue facts.

What a breath of fresh air from the facile fleeing of most Democrats!

Of course, being obliged to argue actual facts limits him to reality, something most Democrat shills abhor. So he can look more Conservative–but he is actually not. He’s just constrained by the facts in a way most Lefty shills aren’t.

Evil Lefty Political Philosophy

Honestly, I am

surprised at just how good this article is.

Amid all the fume and fury we see that censorship has become a core part of liberal-elite ideology.

And it’s true: The Left has openly become the party against free speech and indeed, against moral agency in general. THAT has always been the battleground, and Leftism has now openly declared what side it is on.

The notion that free speech is somehow at odds with democracy is perverse. 

Good is bad, right is wrong, up is down, men are women, mentors are groomers. ALL is turned upside down according to the Left.

The words of Isaiah come forcefully to mind: Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay…

So yes, Leftists are currently howling at having their cherished beliefs revealed as potter’s clay. It is truly the shrieking of the damned.

But his [Musk’s] attempted takeover of Twitter has already done us a great service, in revealing how important censorship now is to America’s permanently hysterical elites.