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OK, let’s see

what happens. If anything. Sure, the Bidens are horribly corrupt and slimy. Yeah, we ALL already knew that. But will anything be done about it?

Another Hunter Biden message has been released, and this time it shows him doing business in the name of the Bidens with a Chinese Communist Party intelligence operative. This was a few short months after Joe Biden left his vice president’s job.

Oh, and there’s more. LOTS more!

In a follow-up tweet, the Committee dramatically asked, “Who is ‘the Chairman?’” and then they dropped the hammer. It turns out, “the Chairman” is a Chinese billionaire with ties to the CCP’s intelligence agency, and the “Biden’s [sic]” were doing business with them.

… The Hunter and Joe Biden business deals with Ukraine, China, and Romania grew more interesting over the weekend when financial investigator Peter Schweitzer dropped that Joe Biden had a phone paid for by Hunter’s business (or one of them), which he encouraged the Oversight Committee to look into. This phone was separate from his government phone or personal phone. Schweitzer says this was a separate, worldwide, $300 per-month phone using AT&T.

We need to look into it. Americans deserve to know whether their President is a crook!

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