Yeah, I will

never forget what these dirtbags have done!

The damage is just staggering. And remember, they did it purely out of political hackism–there was never a shred of scientific evidence to support their actions. No, a generation of kids were hurt and they just didn’t care. When the contest was between kids and their wacky Leftism, the kids came in a very distant second!

The lives of our children were destroyed by lockdowns — and long lockouts — from school during the pandemic.

… But we now know that President Biden and his wife-teacher, Jill Biden, were the ones who overruled their own medical experts to give Weingarten what she wanted — and threw American kids out the window.

The upper middle-class were not much affected, of course. THEY could afford private schools and one parent not working so as to be able to do home schooling. They could afford pods or to hire a tutor.

But poor families had no such options. And the “critical period” for their kids to learn to read passed, leaving them functionally illiterate. Forever.

Was it racism? I don’t think so, but there are certainly tinges of that. Maybe it’s just “other-ism.” But the bottom line is that a generation of kids will never recover. And future test results WILL show it.

The media will blame Republicans, guaranteed. [But] Always remember: It was the Union and the Democrats. This is their fault. They sacrificed your children.

I have to admit that as a developmental psychologist I am very angry about this. It was plainly evident from the beginning that this would harm children.

And stupid, sheep-like Leftists just said, “baaaa” and went along. No, that’s not quite true–they became sheep that were aggressive and had claws and fangs.

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