Current Events

NOT good news

for Ol’ Joe Biden. 40% of Democrats don’t want him to run again! THAT, my friend, is how a sitting President gets primary’d! Essentially, that is what is happening with RFK, Jr.

And these numbers also may well prod Joe Manchin to get in, too! Wouldn’t THAT be a scream?

This is the latest poll in a series of recent surveys showing Biden losing favor with voters of his own party and key voting blocs that helped him secure a win against Trump in 2020. A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that over two-thirds of Democrats believe Biden is too old to be commander in chief, the latest result after a string of incidents involving the president, including trips and falls, malapropisms, and losing his train of thought.

… Biden also received a new low approval rating of 39% in the Messenger poll, two days after hitting a record-low approval rating of 40% in an NBC News poll released Sunday. Only 29% of independents approve of Biden’s work as president, another indication that Biden’s chances of appealing to centrist voters may be slipping further away.