I agree. It is NOT

a “vaccine” and it never was! It got legal indemnity, sure, but understand well that that doesn’t cover outright fraud!

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has now brought a suit to bring accountability for the fraud that resulted in record profits for the pharmaceutical industry. He has filed a complaint alleging that Pfizer misrepresented Covid vaccine efficacy and ‘conspired to censor public discourse’ in violation of Texas’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA).

Paxton’s case argues that Pfizer deceived the public on three issues: (1) the efficacy of the vaccine; (2) whether the shots reduced the risk of transmission; and (3) the company’s efforts to ‘censor persons who threatened to disseminate the truth’.

In each instance, the company skewed the public debate to induce Americans to take its shots. The efforts stripped us of the right to informed consent, deceiving us on purported benefits while hiding established risks. 

Look, it’s pretty dang clear that Pfizer lied about their “vaccine.” And that lying does not have legal immunity!