Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps Psychopathology

A question to my

pandemicophile Lefty friends: So, just what did Conservatives allege that wasn’t correct? How? How was I wrong? I’ll just wait for your reply (and turn on comments on this post so you can reply–if you HAVE a reply)

Let’s review what you alleged, shall we?

— People must ALWAYS wear masks
— Children are an important vector–El Ed teachers are brave heroes
— This COVID virus is dangerous as crap
— This came from animal sources–bat soup, NOT a lab leak
— 6-Foot “Social Distancing” rule is based in scientific knowledge
— Arrows in the grocery store aisles kept us safe
— Separating you from grocery clerks with plexiglass is effective
— LOTS of people were financially ruined–but it was totally worth it!
— The virus is spread on surfaces–like microphones and podiums
— The “vaccine” usually prevents infection
— The “vaccine” usually prevents transmission
— The “vaccine” reduces severity of symptoms, if COVID is caught
— The “vaccine” reduces death rate, if COVID is caught
— The “vaccine” is safe and effective

See, these are ALL things that we now know are categorically wrong. And yet, no apologies from the Branch Covidians? What’s up with that?

Just come clean, man! An apology would go a long way, here!

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